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Maximise Performance & Comfort at Work

The Enlite Lighting Essentials range has expanded and the new Enlite V4.1 catalogue now includes more than 274 new modern, innovative lighting solutions. Jeff Richardson, Aurora Group’s Divisional Director for UK Trade, explains how diffused lighting in commercial environments often result in high performance and productivity.

Many studies reveal a strong link between workers’ productivity and the quality of the physical work environment, particularly concerning the quality of lighting. Almost all modern workplaces rely on computers, which can take their toll and cause eye strain, so efficient lighting technology is crucial to compliment and create a comfortable work environment. It is believed that one of the benefits of a calm, soothing lighting scheme is a visible increase in worker productivity as well as the creation of a pleasant atmosphere.

Louvred LED troffers are distinct, classic, modern fixtures that offer comfortable and diffusing artificial light. For this reason, they are chosen by lighting designers of commercial offices, educational institutions, hospitals, care centres and other public institutions. 

Furthermore, these fittings also ensure low operating costs. Their long work life combined with an easy maintenance make them a key component in commercial and public building space design.

Brand new from Enlite comes the ET6060 and the ET1230, featuring a classic louvre design with energy saving LED technology inside. These backlit louvred troffers comprise a deep curve aluminium mirror reflector while a prismatic diffuser provides a uniform, low glare light output keeping the UGR below 19. Ideal for office or education applications, their efficacy is up to 100lm/W which makes for great energy savings. This luminaire range is also designed to last as its phosphate treated surfaces make it more resistant to corrosion and wear.

Other vital statistics include a 77° wide beam angle, and a Power Factor >0.9.  Also available are 1-10V and DALI dimmable driver options. The louvred LED troffers come with 1.5kV surge protection and a 3 year warranty.

It is now three years since the launch of Enlite Lighting Essentials, carving out an enviable reputation as LED products that offer the best in value, quality and long lasting performance. They are easily available nationwide through around 400 wholesalers. To download the Enlite catalogue, visit: