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Airport House
Purley Way
Croydon CR0 0XZ
United Kingdom

Year Founded: 2005
Phone: 44-8456-017-749


Recolight was set up by the lighting industry in 2005 to take on their WEEE responsibility for recycling when the WEEE regulations were introduced into the UK.

Our scheme approval number issued by the Environment Agency is WEE/MP3838PR/SCH. 

  • We are non profit - which means any excess payments are used to build prudent reserves for future recycling, and not to pay out dividends to any shareholder or company. 
  • We provide a free lamp and luminaire recycling service for our Members and their customers.
  • Recolight members have recycled more lamps and luminaires in total than any other UK scheme – over 38,000 tonnes since 2007.
  • We are active in lobbying government at UK and European level to ensure the WEEE directive is right for the lighting industry.
  • With compliance scheme partners in virtually every European country, we can help you with recycling lamps and luminaires across Europe, making sure you meet your obligations under the WEEE Directive.
  • We consistently exceed our legal obligations to ensure that all measures possible are taken to increase recycling rates, and ultimately prevent waste lamps from entering landfill.
  • EucoLightRecolight is a founder member of EucoLight, an important new organisation for WEEE compliance schemes in Europe that focuses on WEEE lighting. Lighting schemes now have a face and voice in Brussels. EucoLight will help to ensure that any changes to WEEE legislation at the EU level are right for the lighting industry. 
    Recolight’s CEO, Nigel Harvey, is one of the four EucoLight board members. That means that Recolight is always at the forefront of legislative regulatory change for WEEE lighting.
  • LIA Member LogoWe are a member of the Lighting Industry Association,  the Trade Association for the lighting industry. We work with the LIA to present the interests of the lighting industry towards the government. Membership of the LIA gives lighting producers access to technical support and specialist knowledge in all areas of lighting.

Recolight are proud to be regarded by the UK Government as the authoritative source of advice on WEEE for lamps. 

If you manufacture, rebrand or import over five tonnes of WEEE lighting in the UK you must register with a WEEE compliance scheme. Recolight provide compliance for all business and household lighting ... View Product
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Recolight provide an efficient and cost effective process for recycling waste lamps, in compliance with the WEEE regulations.We can offer this as a FREE recycling service because we are funded by our ... View Product
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