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The Lighting Industry Association (the LIA)
Stafford park 7
Telford TF3 3BQ
United Kingdom

Year Founded: 2012
Key Personnel: Communications Manager: Jo Jackson
Phone: 44-1952-290-905

The Lighting Industry Association (the LIA) Products

Lighting Industry Academy (Academy)

The Lighting Industry Academy offers the power of understanding and education to... View Product
5 Resources | 1 Video

LIA Membership

We are proud to represent our Members who are drawn from every area of the light... View Product
1 Resource | 1 Video

The LIA Laboratory

The LIA Laboratory is Europe's largest independent test laboratory dedicated to ... View Product
1 Resource

Lumicom - LIA's in house WEEE producer compliance scheme

Lumicom is the leading UK WEEE Compliance Scheme, a not for profit company set u... View Product
1 Resource | 1 Video

LIA Verified

Are you confident that your product claims are correct? Are you confident potent... View Product
1 Video

Laboratory Schemes

The LIA Laboratory is able to offer a number of schemes to high-quality laborato... View Product
1 Video

CE Marking

The LIA Laboratory is able to provide independent documentation to support a dec... View Product
1 Video

Testing - Technical Services

At our UKAS Accredited Laboratory we have the capacity to test a large range of ... View Product
1 Video

Testing for International Markets

The LIA Laboratory can support you in exporting to a wide range of international... View Product

LIA Certificate - for the Industry’s Bright and Exciting Future

The LIA have completed a major investment in revising and re-developing the LIA ... View Product
1 Resource

Academy - LED lighting

This new one-day introductory course looks at LED Lighting, how an LED is produc... View Product

Academy - Lighting Software

Lighting Design Software is widely used by industry, with courses to suit variou... View Product
1 Resource

Academy - Standards and Legislation

Covering the range of standards and legislation that impact the lighting communi... View Product
1 Resource

ICEL - Emergency Lighting

ICEL is the Industry Committee for Emergency Lighting. Its mission is to strengt... View Product

Academy - Emergency Lighting

ICEL Emergency Lighting CourseUnderstanding the specific background, requirement... View Product
1 Resource