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The Lighting Industry Association (the LIA)
Stafford park 7
Telford TF3 3BQ
United Kingdom

Year Founded: 2012
Key Personnel: Communications Manager: Jo Jackson
Phone: 44-1952-290-905

The Lighting Industry Association (the LIA) Videos

The LIA Verified Scheme explained

What is the LIA Verified Scheme? & why you should be involved

What is the CE mark?

The LIA explain what the CE mark is and what it means

Lighting Industry Academy Launch

Find out what the industry are talking about

LIA Laboratory Video

Hear all about the LIA laboratory and what it has to offer - from LIA CEO Steve Davies

LIA Coporate Video

Serious about Lighting? Then come and take a look around behind the scenes

The LIA Annual Lunch 2016

Take a look and book your place for 2017